The culture of goth teens and the role of school personnel in identifying and preventing their psych

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Dunja Brill's Goth Culture: Gender, Sexuality and Style is the latest in a recent clutch of academic texts investigating the Goth phenomenon. Its timing may be fortuitous, but the mainstream media's fascination with Goths plays little part in Brill's rigorously researched, ethnographic study.

An Overview Of: Vulnerable Goth Teens: Teen Goths The Role of Identifying at Risk Goth Teens Interventions: A primary role of school personnel is to advocate for the health and safety of adolescents How to Help Homicide is the third leading cause of death for children and adolescents Violence Self Harm 53% of Goth teen participate in self.

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The culture of goth teens and the role of school personnel in identifying and preventing their psych
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