Romeo and juliet study guide act 1 essay

So do the lives of the young lovers. She tells her Nurse to find out. Romeo is transfixed; Rosaline vanishes from his mind and he declares that he has never been in love until this moment.

Of course, there is no chance for them in the long run; the prologue says so at the outset. We also know that their tragic ends will not result from their own personal defects but from fate, which has marked them for sorrow. Following Mercutio's death, for example, Romeo fears that his love of Juliet has effeminized him: He thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the world How does Tybalt recognize Romeo.

Just as language is ambiguous, so are value judgments. This action might have touched the hearts of the feuding families. Were the Lovers Insane. Ay, the heads of the maids, or their maidenheads; take it in what sense thou wilt. Her husband is older than she—many years older, according to the implication of words spoken by Lady Capulet.

Value and Doubleness Another important theme is the idea of value and doubleness. The Nurse replies that Lady Capulet is her mother. Against this backdrop of chronic rancor and malice, a Capulet and a Montague fall deeply in love.

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The lovers will be punished not because of flaws within their personalities but because fate is against them. Parents Arrange Marriages Arranged marriages enabled families to elevate or maintain social status, acquire wealth and property, or gain a political advantage.

The Friar's own role in the play contains this ambiguity. I had a task to write an essay about the chemical industry in my region, but I knew absolutely nothing about it.

Romeo and Juliet

The scenes are busy and various, the incidents numerous and important, the catastrophe irresistibly affecting, and the process of the action carried on with such probability, at least with such congruity to popular opinions, as tragedy requires.

Following are examples of such imagery. Third, consider the pressure they were under. Note, for example, the following prose passage, spoken when he sees Romeo approaching. So Romeo and Juliet marry in secret.

Wherefore Art thou, Romeo? Reading Act II of Romeo and Juliet

Another example occurs when Romeo sees the body of Juliet at the Capulet tomb site. It may well be that they are unaware of it—or forgot it—for it began so long before their time.

Like repeats the "i" sound of bite but not the consonant sound "t" that follows the "i. In Romeo and Juliet, the exposition includes the confrontation between the Montague and Capulet servants in Act 1, the secret marriage of Romeo and Juliet at the end of Act 2, and the street fight in Act 3 in which Tybalt kills Mercutio and Romeo kills Tybalt.

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Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Study Guide Act 1.

Romeo and Juliet Study Guide Act 1

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Romeo and juliet study guide act 1 essay
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