Leisure and tourism gcse coursework

The module examines the research methods used in investigations that focus on tourism, hospitality and events management as applied academic subjects. Included are the relationships between tourism and the environment and the principles, approaches and pitfalls to sustainable tourism management in an international context.

Below 5 there was a U ungraded grade. They will do this by reviewing their language development by identifying an area of weakness and adopting appropriate strategies to make progress in that area; engaging in a small research project which they will present Leisure and tourism gcse coursework the class; writing an essay and practising relevant professional and academic English skills in small class groups.

This will determine the value of events to the tourism industry. In Year 13, they go on to study texts based on and set in World War One. The module also features the evaluation of tourism strategies HTM Tourism, Development and Culture The importance of culture and underlying social principles are explored to aid in understanding tourism development.

Throughout the five year curriculum, formative and summative assessment informs the class room teacher of student progress. HTM Tourism Geographies The module is intended to increase student awareness of both tourism destinations and influences upon their development.

Overseas field work has been embedded with recent destinations including Barcelona, Malaga, Prague and Belfast. In addition, there are several subjects where only one board offers qualifications, including some that are only available in one country of the UK for that reason.

In order to achieve this, a critical appraisal of contemporary industry issues is undertaken. The Baccalaureate itself does not garner a certificate for students. Alongside this, a variety of low-uptake qualifications and qualifications with significant overlap will cease, with their content being removed from the GCSE options, or incorporated into similar qualifications.

It builds on their increased fluency and confidence, and their personal experience of the foreign culture, and enables them to develop the application of their skills in more sophisticated and demanding situations.

General Certificate of Secondary Education

Core modules HTMP Work Placement Year The placement year consists of an extended period of professional work experience in a relevant business organisation.

According to the UNWTOone in 11 jobs worldwide are now in tourism, so you will enhance your career opportunities through our focus on employability. Over time, as deregulation allowed schools to choose which boards to use, mergers and closures led to only 5 examination boards remaining today.

Particular attention is paid to developing skills of relevance to a study or work placement in the foreign country. SPNX Spanish Advanced 4 This module is normally taken by final year students of the foreign language who have completed an extended period of residence in the foreign country. michaelferrisjr.com Oxford Cambridge and RSA GCSE, ENTRY LEVEL CERTIFICATE, LEVEL 2 AWARD, PROJECT LEVELS 1 & 2, LEVEL 1 & 2 CERTIFICATE AND CAMBRIDGE NATIONALS.

Fear is Our Friend Not our enemy: University / English Feb PWC - Business organisations in their environments: University / Business Studies. GCSE Industry Glossary. [email protected]: a high-tech zone located on a brownfield site in Barcelona.

Agglomeration: a group of industries in the same location.


Agglomeration Economies: savings which arise from the concentration of industries in urban areas and their location close to linked activities.

e.g.A car factory attracts component suppliers to locate close by, saving on transport costs. Related Documents Below are all the available documents related to Hospitality and Catering michaelferrisjr.com view PDFs on this page you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Instant access to quality essays and coursework written by UK university and college students. Inspire your essay writing, get help with new ideas, study with confidence. Home ; GCSE Geography ; Leisure and tourism ; Honeypots ; Honeypots. What is a honeypot? A honeypot is an area that attracts many tourists (just like a honeypot attracting bees!).

The Curriculum Leisure and tourism gcse coursework
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