Gujarat and sanfrancisco earthquake essay

San Francisco–Oakland earthquake of 1989

Most of the stress across this tectonic suture is accommodated by right-lateral motion, although a compressional component is reflected in the continuing uplift of the California Coast Ranges. Large apartment buildings collapsed into first floor parking garages Photo 4 ; some four story units were compacted to two stories tall during the earthquake.

Consequently, the best mitigation is to avoid building in areas of slope instability. The distribution and severity of the resulting damage reflects the interaction of the earthquake, man-made structures, and local geologic conditions. Collapsed apartment building in the Marina district, San Francisco Photo 5.

Debris was still falling from the scarp two days after the earthquake. Damage to chimneys, sidewalks, roadways, and parking lots was widespread throughout the Bay area and in some places damage was severe.

The magnitude of the earthquake was larger then the San Francisco earthquake therefore causing more buildings to collapse.

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If the rescue teams had been faster and more efficient, then a lot more lives would have been saved. On the other hand in San Francisco the buildings were designed stronger and overall better. Alberta rubio breakfast treatment weaver june 16 kobe vs northridge earthquake essay in gujarati fonts cannbsp.

For example, many houses not bolted to their foundations partially collapsed and some older houses suffered severe damage from partial failure of their foundations Photo 1. Collapsed double-deck portion of interstate in west Oakland. Pressure ridge developed on a parking lot at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

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The Loma Prieta earthquake is the latest in a series of destructive earthquakes that have rocked the San Francisco Bay area during historic times Table 1.

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Helicopters were also used to evacuate the injured and hospitals were put on red alert. Scattered damage occurred in the Richmond, Sunset, Haight, and other districts, but generally damage was less severe than in areas underlain by man-made fill or unconsolidated deposits.

Earthquake Essay In Gujarati

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The two sections of concrete are separated by styrofoam to allow them to readjust during severe ground shaking. Perhaps the most dramatic example of this type of deformation was the structural damage to buildings in the Marina district.

Thousands of chimneys were damaged throughout the Bay Area Photo 2 and damage to masonry buildings ranged from complete collapse to the partial loss of brick facades Photo 3.

Feature in trivandrum essay. More essays like this: In addition, a portion of Highway also collapsed and severe damage to structural supports occurred on several other elevated highways. Evidence for liquefaction is easily destroyed. 21 October San Francisco Earthquake An earthquake is the vibration of the Earth produced by the rapid release of energy.

Most earthquakes occur at. Jan 26,  · This earthquake is known as the Gujarat Earthquake. The total number of people found dead was 20, and there werepeople injured.

The total number of people found dead was 20, and there werepeople injured. the earthquake is being replicated at the national level and at the state level in other states including setting up of disaster management authorities and enactment of bills etc.

The approach and process of Gujarat earthquake reconstruction is now being looked at as a model. Francisco essay earthquake san on On essay san earthquake francisco.

Inundaciones, protección civil y habitantes de San Mateo Atenco, Estado de México. San Francisco and the Golden Gate Dia de los muertos essay Bridge from Marin Headlands. was an eventful year -- a half-century ago, humans were making strides. The Loma Prieta earthquake is the latest in a series of destructive earthquakes that have rocked the San Francisco Bay area during historic times (Table 1).

The epicenter was located on the San Andreas fault roughly 56 miles south of San Francisco in the Santa Cruz Mountains. San Francisco- Essays: Earthquake, Write my essay on earthquake san.

Gujarat and Sanfrancisco Earthquake Essay Sample

The aim of the enquiry is to find out what the factors were, which led to more people dying in the Gujarat earthquake in.

Gujarat and sanfrancisco earthquake essay
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