Essay on family planning in india

This increasing trend in couple protection rate has also led to a fall in the birth rate at a slower rate, i. He saw birth control as a means for women to control their own lives.

Some scholars present optimistic blueprints for checking population explosion in the coming years. To bridge this gap there should be a number of incentives and disincentives. Right from the very beginning, a voluntary family planning has been adopted in our country.

The concept also includes the time between kids birth by using voluntary sterilization and contraception. Karve proposed that the Indian Government should take up a population control programme, but was met with opposition. India consists mainly of villages and rural population. Since this time, the country has recorded a steady decline in order to reach the current rate as of of 2.

In an over-populated and underdeveloped country like India, the family planning or the family welfare programme has a special significance. Some of the resources are limited, such as housing and food. In India, caste restrictions on occupation also help to slow down transformation of society and process of development.

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872 words essay on Family Planning (Free to read)

In order to spread the message of family planning programme and also to implement the programmes sufficient funds are required. Why should population control be the sole responsibility of the central government.

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In recent years, serious efforts were made by the Government towards the implementation of the strategy of population control and family welfare. In recent years, the growth rate reduced at the good pace but still, India is the second largest country in the world by population.

Better health services and higher literacy of females have also helped in reducing fertility and consequently birth rate. He saw birth control as a means for women to control their own lives.

Firstly, they had the firm determination that children should not only be physically strong but also well educated or, at least, well trained in the specialised skills required for maintaining a productive career. A widespread rural network can help to educate people on population and environmental issues.

Essay on family planning programmes in India

Family Planning Programme in India. In order to augment health care services in rural areas of the country, a National Rural Health Mission has been conceptualized and is announced in Union Budget. The Total Fertility Rate, a measure of the average number of children born to a woman during her reproductive period has dropped from 5.

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Watching soap operas essay xenophobia event experience essay train journeys essay read write think juliet. In its family planning awareness drive, the Government of India adopted the UNEP guideline of delaying the first child and spacing the subsequent births.

In‘family planning’ was rechristened as. 1. Essay on the Meaning of Family Planning Programme: Since the inception of planning, the family planning programme has been introduced in India so as to control the rapid growth of population by resorting to family planning methods.

Below is an essay on "Family Planning in India" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Family planning in India regarding contraceptive use, the unmet needs for limiting and spacing child births and possible solutions hereof.

Free sample essay on Family Planning. Family Planning has been adopted as our national policy and a lot of money is being spent on it. Yet we are far from achieving our targets. India’s population is increasing fast in comparison to its dwindling and depleting resources.

Family Planning has been adopted as our national policy and a lot of. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is the government unit responsible for formulating and executing family planning in India. An inverted Red Triangle is the symbol for family planning health and contraception services in India.

Essay on family planning in india
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Essay on Family Planning in India