Eating disorders and female athletes essay

Therefore, education is an important step, not only of the health professionals but also of the athletes, to enhance the chance of preventing eating disorders. Eating Disorders Kaila Prins had the best of intentions when she began to focus on clean eating. Subtle questions are important because straightforward questions may lead to underreporting due to the Eating disorders and female athletes essay of being discovered by coaches, parents, or peers.

This is particularly evident in their perceptions of food and food consumption. If you or a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, read this article to learn more about ways you can prevent and treat bone density loss and eating disorders With the mass amount of misguided information about eating disorders, it is common for these serious illnesses to be misunderstood, oversimplified, or greatly generalized.

Bulimia was first described in England in the 17th Century, though it was only identified in These constant reminders say to the American youth that in order to be successful, you must be thin. There is a disordered eating behavior continuum that starts with healthy dieting, then goes on to the use of more extreme weight loss methods, then moves to passive or active dehydration eg, sauna, hot baths, exercise with sweat suitsand ends at the Eating disorders and female athletes essay of an eating disorder at a clinical level.

Nutritional counseling helps athletes understand what their body needs in terms of food, how to plan meals, how to avoid excessive dieting and how to develop healthy eating habits.

Within months I was binge eating as a matter of course, and I gained weight rapidly. There are many different groups who would contribute to the creation of diet campaigns. It will show that these disorders are closely connected to the biological and psychosocial changes that occur during the adolescent period.

Otherwise, the factors can only be viewed as correlates. The never-ending efforts to lose weight and conform to the media image of an ideal shape are leading more and more young people to diet at the cost of health.

Female Eating Disorder Prevalence Rates. Healthy nutrition basically is eating healthy and balanced from all the basic food groups; which consists of the dairy group, poultry group, fruit group, vegetable group and a little from the fats, oils, and sweets groups.

Their healthy attitude toward body weight, size and shape can become a positive influence on the anorexic or bulimic person. While this may be true, the numbers may appear to grow only because more cases are being brought out into the open.

Eating Disorder Articles Anorexia kills people. The holidays can be a stressful time for anyone, regardless of whether an eating disorder is involved in your life. There is a close relationship between anxiety and all types of eating disorders. The exact cause of trichotillomania is unknown.

Stressful situations are believed as These can be addressed with counseling, but medication is often prescribed to help with the process. One interpretation of an eating disorder is termed as a relationship between the person and food that appears abnormal.

The focus of attention should be on athletes who manipulate their eating behaviors and body weight with the belief that it will enhance their performance.

This is not an accurate assumption. In the world that we live in, where on every magazine cover, every tv show, and even in your homeroom, you see beautiful, skinny girls that seem to have everything they want.

Table 1 Characteristics of studies aiming at eating disorder prevention in female athletes Reference country Mean age or age group Intervention.

This exposes them to certain restricted eating habits with the view of increasing their performance in athletics. Those who could obtain enough food to keep themselves and their family well fed were people with money.

Anorexia is a mental illness where there is a fear of eating and gaining Lifetime prevalence of mental disorders in U.

Eating Disorders & Athletes

It is often thought that multiple personality disorder is a trick, a bizarre form of "play-acting" that is committed by manipulative, attention-seeking individuals. What is behind Anorexia.

Female Athletes and Eating Disorders

Disordered eating, although also characterized as abnormal eating behavior, does not include all the criteria for diagnosing eating disorders and is therefore a way to recognize the problem in its early stages.

This research implies that coaching style could create an increased vulnerability to body image and eating problems in student athletes. Additionally, we have many factors that contribute to performance other than body weight, such as psychological make-up, health, and fitness.

This evaluation should include height, weight, pulse rate and quality, blood pressure, orthostatic measurements, and body temperature. This paper explores the concept of eating disorders among female athletes. Most importantly, they must reevaluate and reshape their interaction with the athlete by emphasizing physical conditioning or strength rather than focusing on weight.

Female athletes with a genetic predisposition to eating disorders may develop them as a result of restricting calories in an attempt to be thin. They may do so in order to please coaches and judges, or because they believe that it allows them a competitive advantage.

This study makes an important contribution in understanding female athletes and eating disorders as well as factors that may have a relationship to eating disorders in female athletes. Key words: women health, disordered eating, sports fitness, sports performance.

Both male and female athletes are at risk for eating disorders, although there is a greater probability that a female athlete will be the victim.

Sports that have a high percentage of athletes with eating disorders include: gymnastics, running, cycling, swimming, wrestling, and dancing (Thompson). Eating Disorders and Female Athletes Essay - Eating Disorders and Female Athletes INTRODUCTION Athletes are among the quickest, strongest, most flexible people in the world, so one would expect them to adhere to the latest health and fitness information, right.

May 12,  · Therefore, the purpose of this review is to discuss critical information for the prevention of eating disorders in female athletes. This review discusses the major correlates for the development of an eating disorder. Eating Disorders describe illnesses that are characterized by irregular eating habits and severe distress or concern about body weight or shape.

Eating disturbances may include inadequate or excessive food intake which can ultimately damage an individual’s well-being.

Eating disorders and female athletes essay
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Eating Disorders in Athletes